<p>Saffron has found a permanent place in your home. You love saffron, not only in the kitchen but also for your daily health. You worship your morning saffron coffee, your regular saffron tea or your evening saffron milk. We recommend 25 gram jar to you u2013 it's not just quality that counts.</p>

Our Persian SafranContor saffron in negin quality is distinguished by its particularly long threads and its deep red color. Its high crocin content lends its dishes a wonderful bright yellow. The optimal climate and clean air of the Persian plateau mean that a particularly high concentration of safranal develops in the threads, conjuring up the overwhelming aroma and phenomenal scent of our SafranContor saffron in your kitchen.

Persian saffron differs from Kashmiri saffron in its bitter-sweet, smoky note.

Negin quality exceeds the Spanish coupe quality. The saffron is stored under optimal condition with us. It is freshly weighed up after your order has been taken and shipped to you free of charge, in a presentation jar. The saffron's aroma is ideally protected through being shipped in a glass jar. Apart from that, the saffron threads retain perfect form and length due to this robust packaging.

  • Origin: Persia, Mashad region
  • Harvest year: 2023
  • Quality: Negin
  • Crocin (coloring power): min. 259
  • Picrocrocin (bitterness): min. 99
  • Safranal (aroma): min. 43
  • free from colorings, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors
  • lactose free
  • Download quality test report/certificate