Quality and supply chain of our saffron

Our aim is to offer you the best saffron quality in Europe. We do everything to ensure this, from cultivation to shipping.

Saffron cultivation

We buy our saffron directly from producers in Persia and Kashmir. We have maintained excellent relationships with them for many years and can influence the cultivation methods and saffron quality even before the harvest.

Depending on the climatic conditions in the farming areas as well as the harvesting and drying methods, our saffron shows differences, e.g. in the aroma and in the intensity of the fragrance, in the content of essential oils, in the consistency of the threads and the coloring power.

Harvest and processing

At harvest time, we travel to the growing areas ourselves to ensure that from picking the blossoms, pulling out the saffron threads, gentle drying and cleaning, to packaging, everything is done by hand, no chemicals are used and our saffron remains natural.

Since we only offer fresh saffron from the current harvest and the growing area of the producers is limited, there may be a limited availability of our saffron immediately before the next harvest in October. We guarantee that our saffron comes from the current harvest and state the harvest year on every package.

Fair prices for producers and consumers

Without intermediaries, we pay fair prices directly to the producers. This allows us to offer our customers in Germany and Europe the best saffron at amazingly low prices.

Import and storage

We collect our saffron personally from the producers to check the freshness and quality again before packaging. The import to Germany is done manually by us so that the valuable goods are not damaged during transport due to incorrect storage.

Quality check in the laboratory

Our saffron is laboratory tested and certified in Germany. For this we work together with the laboratory for microbiology and hygiene in Hoyerswerda.

The quality and authenticity of our saffron as well as its content of safranal (aroma), picocrocin (bitterness) and crocin (color strength) are analyzed according to the European standard ISO 3632-2.

For the safety of our customers, we also have the saffron tested for pesticides, Escherichia coli, yeasts or molds, salmonella and sulfite-reducing clostridia spores.

Packaging and shipping

We always weigh our saffron fresh, because importing ready-packaged saffron does not meet our quality standards.

We use calibratable scales for weighing, which we have regularly calibrated by the calibration office. The accuracy of the scales is tested and even the smallest deviations are documented. The picture shows the case with the comparison weights of the calibration office during an inspection. If everything is in order, the test seal is applied by the calibration office and we can continue weighing the saffron.

We carefully pack the freshly weighed saffron in food-safe containers and deliver it within a very short time by DHL and Deutsche Post.