About us

From Metz to Dresden

The import of saffron and other spices belongs to a long tradition in our family. My Great-Grandfather, Johann Weber, ran a “Delicatessen and Spice Merchants” in Metz and my Great-Grandmother continued to run the business after the war near Dresden. My Great-Grandfather collected recipes, for pure pleasure, from North Africa and the Mediterranean on his extensive travels. He brought the necessary ingredients back with him to the Alsace, where he traded them.

Discovering Asia

My passion for saffron came about when I attending cooking courses in Thailand, Arabia, Persia and northern India. It was here that I discovered the versatility of this precious spice. Whilst studying traditional healing methods in the Himalaya region of Nepal and Bhutan, I had the opportunity to acquaint myself with cultivation methods in Kashmir. Here I formed my first contacts with the small holdings that supply me today.

SafranContor today

Today, I import saffron and concentrate on sharing my knowledge of saffron and its many uses. To help do this, there are regularly recipes and menu ideas provided on our recipe page. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you have: info@safrancontor.de.