Origin and quality of our saffron

Areas where our saffron is cultivated

Saffron mainly stems from south-west Asia and is cultivated there. 90% of the world saffron crops come from Iran and 7% from Kashmir. We buy directly from the growers in Iran and Kashmir. Saffron exhibits different intensities of fragrance, content of essential oils, consistency of threads and color or crocin values depending on the climate conditions in the growing regions as well as harvest and drying methods.

Fair prices for growers and customers

We have long-standing, very good relationships to our growers in Iran and Kashmir and can influence cultivation methods and quality even before the harvest. We pay the growers a fair price without going through a middle man and can, therefore, offer our products to customer in Germany at astoundingly reasonable prices.

100% freshness and quality

The acreage at our growers locations is naturally limited. Because we only offer fresh saffron from the current harvest, we might suffer supply shortages close to the next harvest in October. Thereby, we guarantee that the saffron you purchase from us comes from this year's harvest and print the year of harvest extra on each packet.

We only sell complete saffron threads of the highest quality. We collect the saffron directly from the growers in order to ensure freshness and quality right at the packaging stage. We import the saffron "by hand" so that the precious wares do not stand around for weeks in customs and damaged by incorrect storage.